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Educator's Guide | China School Trip

Why Choose Us to Host Your Chinese Trip?

#1 | China School Trip

Professional & Safe

We have over 15 years of experience working with overseas schools and educators, and we’re well-equipped to execute smooth-running trips.
#2 | China School Trip

High Quality Service

Our dedicated and friendly teachers have years of experience teaching students of all ages and levels. Additionally, all of our staff are well-trained and we promise you a friendly and authentic customer service.

#3 | China School Trip

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Our school trips are not just safe and educational, but also fun for both students and educators. We want you to have the best experience in China and learn as much as possible about this beautiful country.

See What our China School Trip Is Like

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What can Your Students Get on Our School Trip?

Learn Chinese

Students can take Chinese lessons in speaking, listening, reading and writing. We teach Mandarin using fun methods, like cartoon classes, storytelling, role playing, games and more, making it easier for students to learn.

Cultural Activities

We can arrange some cultural activities for your students, including but not limited to: calligraphy, Chinese cooking workshop, taichi and paper cutting. In these workshops they will learn the origin and the significance of each activity.

Field Trips

Campers will explore some famous sites in Beijing and Shanghai that have historical, cultural or political significance to China’s development and learn more about this vast country. We can also arrange out-of-town trips to nearby cities.

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What’s Great About Our China School Trip





24/7 Support

Your students’ safety is our top priority. They will be under watchful supervision of our highly experienced teachers and staff. Our support staff are available 24/7 to handle any issues.

Tailor-Made Curriculum

Our programs can be tailor-made according to your requirements on the curriculum, cultural activities, field trips, and camp duration. Simply consult with our staff.

Fun Educational Trip

Our study trips offer a fun, learning experience that goes beyond the classroom, guaranteed to provide a good lasting memory for both your students and teachers.

Teachers Join
For Free!

For every 10 students, one teacher / group leader from your school can join our trip for free.

How to Prepare Your Students for Their Trip

Educators’ Testimonials

China School Trip
EDWARD B. | Teacher of a British School group

It’s been a great experience from language learning to workshops to getting out into the city. They’ve obviously learned a great deal. And so have I. I’m glad I joined the trip.

China School Trip
ZOE S. | Teacher of an all-girls school group

The students seem to enjoy all the activities and especially the field trips. It’s a very different, enjoyable experience than just learning Chinese in the classroom.

China School Trip
ANDY T. | Leader of a British school group

Our trip program was personalized so that the students could learn similar curriculum as they did back home. And everyone definitely enjoyed the field trips and food.

Choose Your Program

Play & Explore

This trip includes sightseeing tours to 9 top tourist destinations and Chinese cultural activities. There is no Chinese class, but students can practice their Chinese through casual conversations with our staff.

Learn, Play & Explore

This is the essential all-in-one package that includes Chinese lessons, field trips, and cultural activities. You can pick Beijing or Shanghai as your destination.

Intensive Chinese Study Trip

Our Intensive Chinese Study Trip focuses mainly on Chinese lessons, with some cultural activities planned. There will also be a couple of field trips to some famous sites in the city.

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Join our China School Trip in Beijing. The program runs all year round. Our programs include Chinese lessons, cultural activities and field trips to various Beijing attractions.


Our Shanghai School Trip includes a variety of Chinese lessons, cultural activities and field trips to famous landmarks in Shanghai. The program is available all year round.