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Parents' Guide | Chinese Summer Camp

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So many parents have entrusted their teens to our School Trip professionals —
you can rest assured that your child will be in good hands.
Chinese Summer Camp


Chinese Summer Camp


Chinese Summer Camp


Chinese Summer Camp


Why Choose Our China School Trip for Your Kids

Join in fun, safe and professional school trips in China.
We guarantee a peace of mind for the parents, and a fabulous time for the participants.

#1 | China School Trip

24/7 Support

The safety of our students is of paramount importance to us. We will make sure your child is well-looked after. Our support staff are available 24/7 to assist if any issues arise.
#2 | China School Trip

Qualified Staff

Our friendly teachers and staff are highly experienced in taking care of kids and working with teens, ensuring a safe place for all.

#3 | China School Trip

Rich Experience

Your kids will have a fun-filled learning experience that goes beyond the classroom. They will learn, play and try new things.

See What our China School Trip Is Like

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Chinese Lessons & Real-Life Practices

Chinese Cultural Events

Sightseeing Field Trips

Real-World Practice

What’s Great About Our Study Trip

How to Prepare Your Kids for Their Trip

Packing Guides

Not sure how to prepare for the trip? Here are things you need to know before coming to China.

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Happy Parents, Happy Kids

Testimonials | Chinese Winter Camp

The school is welcoming, organized and tailored for the needs of students. Our children enjoyed attending every day and the staff were outstanding. We will look to come again next summer and perhaps also continue with online classes!

CINDY W. | Parent of Student

Testimonials | Chinese Winter Camp

My experience here has been all amazing. I like the teachers; they’re all experienced and really good. The other students are very nice too. I’m always interacting with the other students and nobody feels left out. It’s a really nice environment to learn.

ELIOT | Student

Testimonials | Chinese Winter Camp

I enjoyed the activities we did. For example, the Saturday trip to Shanghai Financial Tower, the Bund and Shanghai museum with a teacher who taught us Chinese on the way was a great experience! Calligraphy was also another activity I really enjoyed.

AURORA | Student

Choose Your Program

Play & Explore

This trip includes sightseeing tours to 9 top tourist destinations and Chinese cultural activities. There is no Chinese class, but students can practice their Chinese through casual conversations with our staff.

Learn, Play & Explore

This is the essential all-in-one package that includes Chinese lessons, field trips, and cultural activities. You can pick Beijing or Shanghai as your destination.

Intensive Chinese Study Trip

Our Intensive Chinese Study Trip focuses mainly on Chinese lessons, with some cultural activities planned. There will also be a couple of field trips to some famous sites in the city.

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Join our China School Trip in Beijing. The program runs all year round. Our programs include Chinese lessons, cultural activities and field trips to various Beijing attractions.


Our Shanghai School Trip includes a variety of Chinese lessons, cultural activities and field trips to famous landmarks in Shanghai. The program is available all year round.